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Modern Glasses and Pourvins

Our business is antiques - and it will remain that way.  However, it has to be acknowledged that few 18th century drinking glasses are really practical.  They may be fine for a little showing-off between glass collectors, but for normal wine drinking, they are not only too valuable to risk breakage in use, but also, with a very few exceptions, they are not shaped to show the nuances of bouquet and taste of wine to its best advantage.

We therefore keep in stock a small range of modern glasses which are available in several sizes, and are shaped for bringing out the best that a wine has to offer, but there are two other factors.  First, they are very inexpensive, and second, they are guaranteed to withstand 5,000 cycles in a dishwasher without going cloudy.  If that were not sufficient, they are also delicate to look at, blown thinly and feel good in the hand; they are not coarse or heavy. We use these glasses ourselves, and recommend them wholeheartedly.

It will be noticed that antique magnum decanters sell at a premium because of their scarcity.  We therefore also stock a large decanter at a modest price.  It is advertised as being magnum size, but actually it will hold three bottles comfortably and 4 bottles at a pinch!  Apart from it being too large for a dishwasher, we would in any event recommend it being hand-washed.

Now Stocked-  Pourvin  - the perfect aid for anyone who decants wine.  Clever little light automatically switches on as the bootle is tilted, then turns itself off when you've finished decaneting!   How clever is that!

Professional model in red or black

Collector model in hand polished stainless steel and beautifully presented in smart presentation box - the perfect gift!



The perfect aid to decanting, shining a light beneath the bottle to show you when... Date: NEW

Price: UK customers £25, US customers $35, Euro customers €30, Australian customers $45

Modern Dishwasher-proof Wine Glasses

Modern Dishwasher-proof Wine Glasses

No - we have not abandoned antiques but we felt these were a must-have for... Date: NEW

Price: UK customers £42, US customers $55, Euro customers €50, Australian customers $75

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