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Wine Funnels

Antique wine funnels have a curved spout to deflect wine down the side of the decanter and prevent it from dropping straight to the base of the decanter.  Funnels without a curved spout were for culinary and other uses. Glass wine funnels are rare, but silver examples are often seen; they are made in two or more sections so that the inside surfaces could be cleaned.

Generally, 18th century wine funnels are lightweight and of a standard design, while 19th century examples are heavier and either more elegant, or with decorative details.  All silver wine funnels were fitted with a 'tang' - a tab which descended from the edge of the bowl to allow the filter to be used over a punch bowl.  Originally wine funnels also incorporated an inner ring, sometimes with holes drilled in it, so that a fine muslin could be attached for fine filtering of the sediment from the wine.

6500 A Rare Glass Wine Funnel

6500 A Rare Glass Wine Funnel

While silver wine funnels are often seen, examples in glass are really quite rare. Glass... Date: c.1740-60

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