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1164 A fine wine glass with double series air-twist stem

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This wine glass has a rounded funnel bowl, the lower part of which is decorated with molded fluting. The stem is a double series air twist, being a 9-ply tape enclosing a long-pitch corkscrew. The glass rests on a conical foot.

This is a complex and therefore rare glass. In wine glass collecting circles, a series is the number of different types of twist. It is particularly uncommon to find a double series air twist glass; they are usually single series, while the opposite is true of opaque twist glasses.

Generally it has been considered that air twist glasses pre-date opaque twist stems, but the similarity of design of some glasses suggests that they were probably made co-evally.

Date: c.1760

Dimensions: 6.5" high

Price: UK customers £1,025, US customers $1,385, Euro customers €1,180, Australian customers $1,795

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