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3002 A Rare and Interesting Ship's Decanter with Scottish Association

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This 'ship's' decanter or 'rodney' is an unusual model, but none the less satisfactory for that.  The body is of elogated bell shape with  a panel- or slice-cut neck with three incise-cut neck rings.  It has an inverted pear-shaped  bevelled stopper with bull's eye centre.  The upper body is finely wheel-engraved with a band of thistle flowers and leaves in a stylised and repeating manner.  The base is plain.

Like many early ship's decanters, this one is heavily made and of excellent clear colour.  It is a very practical decanter and a considerable rarity.

For a discussion of ship's decanters, please see my newsletter for May 2012.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 10.9", 27.6 cm. high incl. stopper

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