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3003 An Unusual Broad 'Indian Club' Decanter with Target Stopper.

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This is an unusual decanter because of its shape.  While it resemples a standard 'prussian' type, the base of the body tucks in markedly; it also has four neck rings and is somewhat heavier than the average decanter of this date.

The decanter has panel- or slice-cut shoulders and neck, and the four neck rings are cut horizontally.  The top half of the body is decorated with a band of large 'diamonds' while the lower section is flute-cut. It has a plain bevelled target stopper

As glass was often sold by weight, it is not surprising that this is of better-than-average quality in its design and execution.   It would be an excellent decanter for daily(?) use!

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 10.5", 26.7 cm. high incl. stopper

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