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3004 A Cut 'Prussian' Decanter

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This is a good example of a common type of Georgian decanter known as a 'prussian'.  It has three neck rings, in this case annulated, (formed as three rings each) and it has slice- or panel-cut neck and shoulders. The lower part of the body is cut with a band narrow flutes.  It has a star-cut mushroom stopper.

This model which appeared at the end of the 18th century was extemely popular, if the number of surviving examples can be used as a guide.  They are eminently practical, easy to use, hold a full bottle with ease, and it is not difficult to find others that more or less match.  A particular asset is that they do not gurgle when wine is being poured.

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 10.7", 27.2 cm. high incl. stopper

Price: UK customers £240, US customers $325, Euro customers €275, Australian customers $420

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