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3012 A Mahogany and Steel Mechanical Decanting Cradle

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Antique decanting cradles are very difficult to find, and are usually no longer fit for
purpose as the mechanisms are almost always worn - often to the point of
rendering them useless. This example is in wonderful condition, and looks to be
almost unused. There is very little 'play' in the mechanism which makes it a delight
to use in the secure knowledge that your wine will not be shaken about!

It has a shaped mahogany base and turned mahogany uprights. Unusually it has an
open worm with the link runnng inside the helix. The cradle and link are
black-stained steel. The whole piece is in excellent and unrestored condition.

This decanting cradle is probably French, although the design does not point to any
particular country. It was recently discovered in Edinburgh, which makes the
French connection more likely bearing in mind the long-standing trading and
cultural ties between the two countries.


Date: c.1880

Dimensions: 12.5", 31.8 cm. long

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