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3015 & 3026 A Pair of Pretty Georgian Conical Ship's Decanters

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This is a delightful ship's decanter model of the early 19th century.  The body is conical and the neck and shoulders are slice- or panel-cut.  It has three neck rings with the slice cutting included on the rings.  It is fitted with a target or bull's eye stopper which may well be original - although it is always impossible to categorical about any stopper being original to the decanter it is stoppering at this date.

At first sight, the decanter appears to be a little small, but will will hold a full bottle - although 75 cl. does come near the top of the neck.  It is not a half-bottle decanter. Also, please note that what looks like a nasty mark on the side of one decanter is just a reflection - the glass is really clear.

One of the more pleasant aspects of being a dealer, is, on very rare occasions, seeing two things at different times and places which turn out to match one another perfectly. These two decanters provided one such occasion.  I bought one at one location, then saw the second about two weeks later and far removed from the first purchase.  It was only on the journey home from the second purchase, that I realised that I may have bought the pair to something I already had.  On reaching home, I put the two together and to my delight, they were indeed a pair!

Date: c.1790

Dimensions: 9.5", 24.2 cm. high incl. stopper

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