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3016 A Fine and Pretty Ship's Decanter

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This really is a very fine and pretty example of a ship's decanter.  The body is trumpet-shaped, and cut on its upper section with slice- or panel-cutting which continues up the neck, except for the areas around the three plain neck rings.  The lower part of the body is cut with fine vertical 'V' grooves, which at first sight might be mistaken for the usual fluting seen around the base of Georgian decanters.  The decanter is fitted with a plain bull's eye stopper which is a replacement.

Like most antique ship's decanters, this one is made with very high quality glass and blown quite thickly, all of which give it weight and 'presence'.  It is said that ship's decanters were more difficult to blow than standard models, so they were made by master-craftsmen, which accords with the quality of the glass and cutting.

It holds a full bottle with ease, leaving a good top-surface area allowing the wine to 'breathe'.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 7.8", 19.8 cm. High incl. stopper

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