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3020 A Set of Six Cut Champagne Flutes

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Just the ticket for Christmas!


This is a good set of English champagne flutes - although they may have originally been used for strong ale.  Each has tall inverted conical bowl with a plain broad rim over panel- or slice cutting, leading to basal knop similarly cut above a merese (that is a flat cushion-shaped knop).  It rests on a low conical foot with a ground and polished pontil mark.

Most sets of flutes, suitable for drinking champagne are French; these are significantly higher quality than those, being crafted from bright glass and sharply cut.

Champagne as we know it today - a dry sparkling wine, was very much a result of a mistake by the house of Perrier Jouët in the 1860s when they accidentally shipped a large consignment to London without any sugar added.  Their representative thought that the English might like the result and 'dry' or 'brut' champagne which was an immediate 'hit'!

Date: c.1830

Dimensions: 6.8", 17.3 cm. high

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