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3022 A Fine Ship's Decanter with Globe Stopper

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This is a fine ship's decanter of an unusual pattern.  The body and neck flow in a trumpet shape, the upper part of which is panel- or slice-cut.  It has three neck rings cut with facets, and the base is star-cut.  The hollow globe stopper is an  unusual type, panel-cut above and below the central groove, and it is finished with a cut star to the top.

All ship's decanters are uncommon almost to the point of rarity, but we have been fortunate to find and be able to buy a very strong selection.  This one holds a full bottle, pours more easily than some and is in excellent condition.  

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 9.8", 24.9 cm. high

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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