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3024 A Very Rare Prussian Decanter with a Tasting Stopper

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Decanters with tasting stoppers are really very rare, and this example is an excellent one.  It is a standard 'prussian' type with three shallow and plain incised neck rings, while the neck and shoulders are panel- or slice-cut.  The lower section of the body has a band of flute cutting.

The unusual, indeed rare, feature of this decanter is the stopper - a flat disc with a scalloped edge and a broad flange which covers the entire neck opening of the decanter. The 'peg' of the stopper is hollow, enabling a small amount of wine to be poured into it to be tasted.  The neck of the decanter is necessarily wide to accommodate the stopper which is almost certainly original to the decanter.

From the angle at which the first image was taken, the neck rings, particularly the lowest one, look not to be horizontal. When handled, this slight imperfection appears much less than it is in the image, and from some angles, the rings are very nearly horizontal - as can be seen in the image which shows the stopper on the ground. It should be remembered that all decanters of this age were hand blown and cut.

The decanter and stopper are both in excellent condition for their age, with no chips, cracks or evidence of any restoration.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 11.4", 29 cm. high incl. stopper

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