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3025 A Fine Conical Ship's Decanter

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This is a fine, if not totally conventional, ship's decanter in that is a simple conical shape without the body flaring outwards - trumpet style.It has three incise-cut plain neck rings, while the body and neck are slice- or panel-cut across their entire height, except for the neck rings.   It has a bevelled target , or bull's eye stopper.

This decanter is in excellent condition, which is partly because, like almost all ship's decqanters it was very heavily made - high quality glass and blown quite thickly to withstand the rigours of a sea voyage.  There are no noticeable chips, cracks or any other untoward blemishes, and perhaps more to the point, it is very fit for purpose.

Date: c1790 - 1805

Dimensions: 8.4", 21.4 cm high incl. stopper

Price: UK customers £1,100, US customers $1,485, Euro customers €1,265, Australian customers $1,925

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