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3028 A Magnificent Set of FOUR Shaft & Globe Decanters

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This is a really spectacular set of four decanters!  They are of 'shaft & globe shape, and the bodies are all-over 'hobnail' cut.  The necks are cut with 'hollow diamonds', and the bases are star cut.  They have hollow ball stoppers similarly cut.

These decanters are attributable to the Thomas Webb & Sons manufactory at Stourbridge in the West Midlands, not far from Birmingham.  It was, and remains, the primary glass manufacturing centre in Britain, renouned for the quality of its products.  This set of decanters closely resemble Webb's pattern No. 12140 (see Charles Hajdamach pl. 326 p. 362).  The pattern became popular globally and had imitators on continental Europe, as well as in America.

The decanters are in excellent condition and very 'fit for purpose'.  The precision of the cutting is superb, but it was, of course, all done by hand-operated cutting wheels.

Date: c.1880 - 1920

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