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3033 A Fine Cut Ship's Decanter

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This is a very good example of a ship's decanter.  The quality of the 'metal' - the glass from which it made - is exceptional, being very bright and clear - obviously carefully refined.  The decanter has a conical body, panel-cut above a plain lower section, while the base is star-cut.  The neck is also panel-cut between the three facet-cut neck rings and the decanter is fitted with a target or bull's eye stopper.

Many modern decanters with very wide bases are very difficult in operation, because to empty the contents demands twisting the wrist further than is comfortable.  Although this decanter has a wide base, it is easy to pour wine from it - it is eminently fit for purpose.

The practical advantage of ship's decanters is that they allow wine to 'breathe' (or absorb oxygen) because of the larger surface area than standard decanters.  This one holds a full bottle with plenty of room to spare.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 9.7", 24.7 cm. high incl. Stopper

Weight: 1368 grams

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