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3034 An Exceptional Magnum Decanter, Engraved RED WINE' and with a Tasting Stopper

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This is a truly exceptional decanter for a variety of reasons.  First Magnums of this date are really rare.  Second it is engraved 'RED. WINE' and while 'claret' or 'madeira' are relatively common on engraved decanters, the obvious choice of 'red wine' is not. Simply engraving 'Red Wine', makes this decanter much more useful than most others.   If these two features were not enough, it also has the rare distinction of having a tasting stopper.

The shape, known as an 'Indian Club' derives from the wooden exercising objects used frequently in earlier times; they were swung around the body in pairs, one in each hand, and while elegant, it is doubtful if they really added benefit to those doing the exercise! This particualr example is a good version, being particularly fine in its proportions.

It is impossible to say firmly whether or not the stopper is original, but what can be said is that it fits well and is the correct type.  Tasting stoppers are very seldom seen and only appear for about forty years, this being as early as they come.

Add to the above attributes that this is a magnum decanter, and the result is an object of serious rarity and charm and, if that were not sufficient, it is also very practical

Date: c.1770

Dimensions: 14", 35.6 cm. high incl. stopper

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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