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3042 A Fine and Unusual Ship's Decanter

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This is really a quite unusual ship's decanter because it falls in an date-band when very few were made.  As a result it is a pattern or model very seldom seen, being an onion shape cut with 13 vertical panels along its entire height.  The base is star-cut, while the hollow spire stopper is cut with 8 vertical panels.

While this is an unusual form, it is also unusual in that it holds a full litre of wine with ease - but not quite a magnum.  It is in excellent bright condition with only a very small chip under the base where it is invisible from above.  As is typical with ship's decanters, it is markedly heavier than the equivalent standard decanter weighing nearly 1,350 grams.                                                                                                        

We feel this is a very elegant and practical decanter.                                                                             

Date: c.1830

Dimensions: 11.2", 28.5 cm high incl. stopper.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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