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3043 A Fine and Rare Magnum Prussian Decanter with Tasting Stopper

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This is a fine and very rare decanter made at the very beginning of the 19th century during the reign of George III.  It has a panel-cut neck and flute-cut base and it has three neck rings.

Quite apart from being of magnum capacity and of good and bright appearance, it is very 'fit for purpose'; it pours well without gurgling because of its shape and its broader-than-usual neck.  In addition it has a tasting stopper which elevates it considerably as a rarity. The stopper is of bevelled inverted pear shape and the 'peg' is hollowed for use a a taster. 

As always, it is impossible to be absolutely certain that the stopper and the decanter started life together, because they are not numbered (they never were at this date) and tasting stoppers are always a 'loose fit'.  However, we found them together , they are the same date and I think we can reasonably deduce that they are original to one another.

Date: c.1805

Dimensions: 13.2" 33.5 cm high incl. stopper

Price: UK customers £1,950, US customers $2,635, Euro customers €2,245, Australian customers $3,415

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