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3047 Fine Quality Early Victorian Wine Funnel

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As a general rule, I am not a great lover of Victorian silver, but occasionally I see something that causes me to review my prejudice!  This wine funnel is just such a mind-set turner.

Overall, the funnel is thistle-shaped and quite plain.  It is also very functional guiding the wine down the wall of the decanter with its cranked spout.  There are three 'ribs' to allow the air to eascape as the wine is poured, and the bowl is pierced with a pretty six-pointed star motif. 

There are two principal differences between this funnel and a Georgian one; the rim is widely everted and decorated with heavy cast neo-rococo scrolls and foliage.  Also Georgian funnels are invariably fitted with a 'tang'- a small tab hanging from the bowl allowing to be used as a strainer over a bowl; this funnel never had a tang. 

Both the spout and bowl are fully hallmarked, but as with most funnels, the makers (Henry Wilkinson & Co.), erased the depth and clarity of the marks when the funnel received it final polish on its return from the assay office.*  However, the marks are fully legible.  The whole piece is made from good gauge silver and is in excellent overall condition.

*  After a piece of silver is made, it is sent to the assay office to be hallmarked.  This process involves the piece being stamped very heavily with steel punches.  When the piece is returned to the maker, it will have its shape restored and then be polished for sale.  It is at this last stage that hallmarks are often degraded by the maker.

Date: 1841

Dimensions: 5.5", 14 cm. high

Weight: 4 oz. 11 dwt, 142 grams

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