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4005 A Fine Cut Glass Claret Jug

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This is a striking and important cut glass claret jug.  It has an almost standard shaft & globe body, but it stands on a short stem and above a broad  foot.  The body has a wide band of very fine diamond cutting, in three panels divided by vertical clear glass pillars, and the panel opposite the tall loop handle has a plain shield within which is a wheel-engraved coat of arms beneath a Marquess's coronet.

The neck is cut with hexagonal facets beneath the sharply everted pouring lip.  The stem, beneath the body is cut like the neck, and rests on a star-cut foot of bold proportions.   The stopper is cut to match.

Although the capacity of this claret jug is only sufficient for a single bottle, the overall height and standing of this jug seems considerably greater than an equivalent  standard jug or decanter.  The quality of decoration is as high as one would expect from the house of a senior member of the peerage!

Date: c.1870

Dimensions: 15.7", 40cm. high (incl stopper)

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