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4012 A Good Plain T Corkscrew

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This is a good and utterly simple corkscrew in fine condition.  It has a solid-cut worm and a plain shank.  Unusually the cocuswood handle is fixed to the shank by a brass pin at right-angles to the worm.

Many old corkscrews show their age with bent worms, knarled handles or some other shortcoming.  This example has none of these defects, and it is therefore probably not what every serious corkscrew collector is desperately seeking, because the pattern is often seen - is not rare. 

The handle retains much of its original polish, and there is no 'play' between the handle and the shank.  For all of this, it is the perfect tool for withdrawing a cork!

Date: c.1850

Dimensions: 5.2", 13 cm. long

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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