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4025 A Prussian Decanter with Mushroom Stopper

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This is a good classic Georgian decanter with three neck rings, panel-cut shoulders, fluted base and a star-cut mushroom stopper - a variety known as a 'prussian' decanter.   It is in good bright condition (commensurate with its age) and it holds a full 75cl. bottle of wine with ease, allowing sufficient air above the wine for it to 'breathe'.

This most satisfactory style of decanter became very popular soon after 1800 and remained in fashion for 25 years or so.  The reason for its popularity may lie in the fact that it pours well, allows a good sight of the wine (the fluted base cutting can refract light through the wine to better judge it), and the neck rings allow a good grip to be had.  It can also be quite easy - at least it is now - possible to find others of a similar design and size to make what appears to be a pair or a set of however many you want!

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 9.7", 24.4cm high incl stopper

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