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4037 A Magnum Mahogany Coaster

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This is a good example of a variety of coaster which is becoming increasingly difficult to find - and it will hold a magnum decanter.  It is undecorated but well-turned with an ogee moulded side elevation.  The underside has its origianl dark green baize in good condition.

We recommend the use of coasters when using decanters for three reasons.  First, they prevent drips of wine coming in contact with the table or table-cloth.  Second they prevent decanters from touching one another and becoming chipped or cracked.  Third, they allow decanters to be passed across a polished surface with ease.

Date: c.1780

Dimensions: 6.4", 16.3 cm. external diameter, 5.7", 14.5 cm. internally.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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