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4039 A Silver Soda Siphon Holder or Bottle Coaster

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Objects like this are usually called bottle coasters, but they are really soda siphon holders and were very popular from c.1890 until about 1930 - a short lifespan in the world of antiques.   At a time when soda siphons were kept hidden from view because of their association with 'non-U' spirits, these added a sense of respectability to those who liked their whisky with soda water.

This is a good, heavy example in silver - they were usually silver plated and rather poor quality.  This is quite the opposite.  On one side of the cylindrical body is engraved a fully tinctured coat of arms, on the other is a crest and motto - "EN DIEU EST MON ESPERANCE" - In God is My Hope.  It has gadrooned borders at the top and base, and has a pair of loop handles. 

The coaster was made by The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. Ltd. whose main shop was at 112 Regent Street in London's West End.

While these objkects were originally intended to hold soda siphons, today they are usually used to hold wine bottles - a purpose for which they are well suited.

Date: 1907

Dimensions: 6.7", 17 cm high

Weight: 20 oz. 18 dwt., 650 grams

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