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4047 A Rectangular Wine Label for CAPE

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Small and relatively lightweight wine labels (of which there are many) are not usually of interest to me, but this appeals for a very good reason.  The wine - CAPE - refers to the wines of Cape Province in South Africa, which enjoyed great popularity in the 18th and early 19th centuries, particularly when we (in the UK) were at war with France.  The Cape was the earliest of non-European wine producing countries, being cultivated for vines in the late 17th century.  I have visited several wineries, and have a penchant for Cape wines myself... but that is another matter!

This label is die-stamped with a corded edge, and with the legend CAPE well-engraved.  The hallmarks are very lightly struck, and while the maker's mark of George Unite and J Hilliard, the duty mark, sterling mark, and Birmingham marks are legible, the date letter is not.

The label is in excellent condition without any restoration.

Date: c.1830

Dimensions: 1.2", 4.2 cm wide

Weight: 7 grams

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