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4056 An Opaque Twist Goblet with Waisted Bowl

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This is an unusual, but very practical goblet - if you like your wine from 18th century glasses!   The bowl is an inverted bell shape, and rests on a bold double series opaque twist stem comprising an 11-ply tape enclosing a multi-strand gauze, supported on a conical foot.

The goblet is in good condition with no cracks, chips or trimming to either the foot or rim, although there is minor scratching to the bowl.

It seems that with a light background the opaque twist appears as something quite different, while against a black background, the bowl loos remiss.. 

Date: c.1765

Dimensions: 7.2", 18.2 cm. high, 3.4", 8.6 cm diameter

Price: UK customers £650, US customers $880, Euro customers €750, Australian customers $1,140

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