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4065 A Pair of Shaft & Globe Decanters

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This is an excellent pair of shaft and globe decanters.  The long necks are panel- or slice- cut (there is not a unified description vocabulary, and both terms are used), and around the widest part of the bodies, is a band of 'Greek key' engraving, nicely matted and with mitred corners - a clever touch.  The bases are star cut, and the stoppers are similarly decorated, but without the 'Greek key'. 

Star-cut bases for decanters first became popular soon after the beginning of the 19th century, and play a useful role.  Light is refracted by the angles of the star cutting and this aids the ability to judge the colour and clarity of wine inside.

These decanters are in excellent condition, being bright and clear and with no chips or cracks, and only the minimal amount of small surface scratches.


Date: c.1860

Dimensions: 11.9", 30.2 cm. high incl. stoppers

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