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4069 A very large Mahogany Coaster by Wm. Bryden of Edinburgh.

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Almost all large mahogany coasters set on three brass casters with leather laminated rollers were made, or can be attributed to, James Mein of Kelso and dated to the 1820s or 30s.  This one, however, is very clearly stamped on the underside "WILLIAM BRYDEN & SON, 55 GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH".

It may be that James Mein made the coaster, but Wm. Bryden & Sons retailed it, as on the invoices, they proclaim themselves as 'Bell Hangers, Smiths, Brass Founders and Window Blind Manufacturers', and they also had premises in Glasgow.  Invoices are known from 1868 and 1893, but this coaster appears to belong in the first half of the century.

It is large enough for many ship's decanters, and is in fine condition with only minor signs of normal wear.

Date: c.1830-60

Dimensions: 9.2", 23.4 cm. diameter 6.7", 17 cm. internal diameter.

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