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4073 A Fine Initial Silver-Gilt Wine Label for 'M'

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Initial wine labels became very popular in the opening years of the 19th century, having first been used in the late 1790s.  The most usually seen letters are S, P, H, B and W, which leads one to think that there were for fortified wines or spirits (Sherry, Port, Hollands, Brandy, and Whisk(e)y), and that probably these drinks were considered ones not to boast about! Hollands became known as Gin in the 19th century.   M & C are also seen and are presumably for Claret and Madeira, which were two frequently seen names of wine labels.

This label is a bold letter 'M' and is finely engraved with flowers and scrolls, further enhanced by being gilded.  It was made by Charles Rawlings and William Summers in 1843.  It is in excellent condition without any of the gilding having worn.  Its weight of 17 grams, against the usual 10g. is indicative of its quality.      

Dimensions: 1.4", 3.6 cm. high

Weight: 11 dwt. 17 grams.

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