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4075 A MAGNUM 'Nelson' Decanter with Mushroom Stoper

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Magnum decanters are not often seen - despite there being so many on this website!  This one was made in the closing years of George III's reign, or at the beginning of George IV's.  

A decanter with almost parallel sides is called a 'nelson'decanter, and this falls into this category.  The sides are panel- or slice-cut below step- or prism-cut shoulders, while the neck has three bold annulated neck rings and a solid wide pouring lip.  It is fitted with a star-cut mushroom stopper, which matches the star-cut base of the decanter.

This is an excellent and practical magnum decanter.

Date: c.1820

Dimensions: 11.4", 29 cm. high incl. stopper

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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