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4079 A Silver Wine Taster

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This may not be quite 'antique', but it has many attributes associated with antiques.  It is hand-raised and with a hammered finish, so popular with artist-craftsmen in the early 20th century.   The bowl is approximately hemispherical with a flat base and with a simple moulded rim, and a single waisted lug handle.

The maker, Albert Edward Jones established his business in Birmingham in 1902.  It is clear that from the outset, the firm's work was highly esteemed, notable for its individuality and craftmanship.  He also worked in copper with silver, and objects in this medium he called St. Dunstan's ware (St. Dunstan is the British patron saint of silversmiths).

Of good solid gauge, this is a practical wine taster of generous size.

Date: 1933

Dimensions: 4", 10.2 cm. diameter, 5.6", 14.1 cm long (over handle)

Weight: 100 grams, 3 oz.4 dwt.

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