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4081 A Fine Early Shaft & Globe Decanter

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The Shaft and globe form was hugely popular in the 19th century from about 1845, but its early flowering evolved at the beginning of the previous century.   Shaft and globes were the first decanters to be fitted with stoppers, although the very first decanters of the Ravenscroft period did have a form of stopper, which was loosely fitted.  This is a very good example of the type, being of excellent proportions and in fine condition.

The body is a simple sphere devoid of any decoration, and it has a long narrow neck ending in a neatly moulded rim.  The base has a rough pontil mark.   The stopper has a large irregular air bubble, and a couple of small ones.

The condition of the decanter is very good indeed.  The interior is bright and clear.  The exterior has a few scratches commensurate with the age of the decanter, but no disfugurement.  The stopper at its lower end was broken from the pontil rod, and was never polished or ground, and there is a narrow line of scratches where the stopper has rolled around when not in use, but this again, does not disfigure the appearance.  There is one small bruise mark to the stopper (see illustration - to the left of the main air bubble).

Date: c.1720 - 1740

Dimensions: 10.9", 27.7 cm. high incl. stopper.

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