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4088 A Tiny Miniature Straight-pull Corkscrew

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This must be one of the smallest, if not THE smallest corkscrew made in the 19th century.   It is even quite a lot smaller than it appears in the un-enlarged first image.   It has an ivory (we don't think it is bone) handle and the shank appears to be silver (it is not hallmarked), with a Henshall-type 'button', radially grooved on its lower side, and a plain wire helix.

There are several reasons why a corkscrew may have been made as small as this.  It may have been a travelling salesman's sample; it could have been an apprentice's 'masterpiece' to show he was capable of making the real thing, or it could have been made as a miniature for a doll's house. It may even have accompanied a particular bottle of perfume with a tiny cork stopper.  We will probably never know - unless of course - you know better!

Date: c.1880

Dimensions: 1.4", 3.5 cm. long

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