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4091 A Miniature Shaft & Globe Decanter

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This is a VERY small decanter which holds about 100 ml. (10 cl) - about sufficient for one measure of port or sherry.  It is decorated with a band of long thin printies around its widest diameter, and the neck is panel-cut.  It has a facetted ball stopper which is contemporary, but not orginal, as both the decanter and stopper are numbered.

This is a fun object - something of a talking point to have guests contemplating its original purpose.  Perhaps it was for some wildly potent spirit - or absinthe?

Date: c.1870

Dimensions: 5.9", 15 cm. incl stopper, 4.6", 11.7 cm without stopper

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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