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4093 A Large Mahogany Coaster

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This mahogany coaster is probably large enough to take most decanters of double magnum capacity, and it certainly will. accommodate our large magnum decanter 5005 with its broad base. The ouside surface has five horizontal ribs - a decorative feature often seen on Irish dining room furnishings of the early 19th century.

The coaster has its original baize lining to the underside.  The mahogany used in its making was probably not fully seasoned, as the coaster has shrunk a little across the grain, so that the diameter is 19.3 cms in one direction and 18.8 cms in the other.  Visually, however, it looks very nearly circular.

Coasters for large format decanters are really quite rare - and this is larger than most.

Date: c.1820

Dimensions: 7.5", 19.3 cm. diameter, 6.4", 16.3 cm internally

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