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4095 A Silver Wine Goblet

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Most antique silver wine goblets are too large for normal use - they hold more than a half bottle!  This example, however, is just the right size for a gentle tipple as it hold about 150 ml.  And unlike most glass goblets, the bowl is the correct shape to savour the nose of the wine.

The goblet was made in London in 1809 by Samuel and Edward Davenport which seems a little strange as they were registered as 'smallworkers', and one would expect a piece of silver of this size to have been made by a 'plate worker'

The goblet has an ovoid bowl which rests on a trumpet foot, the only concession to decoration being a band of reeding around the foot.  It is otherwise completely plain.  It has not had any crest , coat of arms or initials removed as there are no 'flatspots' where they may have been removed.

The marks are on the underside which has enabled them to remain in excellent crisp condition.

Date: 1809

Dimensions: 4.6", 11.7 cm high

Weight: 3 oz 1 dwt, 106 grams

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