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4099 A Pair of Portuguese Silver Beakers

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This is a pair of 'nesting' beakers - that is they are very slightly different sizes so that one 'nests' inside the other when not in use.  They were made in Oporto (the Portuguese say Porto) in around 1800. by Manuel Marques Coelho, born in 1772, and admitted to the guild in 1792.  He was last recorded in 1814, and the town mark is consistent with a dating to about 1800.

The beakers are quite plain, with just a turned moulding around the rim.  There are no initials, crests or coast of arms, nor have any been removed.

These would be a very sensible size from which to drink red wine - perhaps a little large for port!

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 3", 7.6 cm high. 3.3", 8.5 cm. diameter.

Weight: 7 oz. 15 dwt., 241 grams

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