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4107 A Fine Early Shaft & Globe Engraved Decanter

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This is a truly delightful small decanter - it holds just a half-pint or about 280 ml.  It is the early from of shaft and globe decanter which was arguably the earliest form of practical decanter dating from the 1720 - 40s, although it is possible that they may be earlier - from the opening years of the 18th century.

This example is wheel-engraved with flowers and foliage on the body - a tulip (?) and a daffodil, and another, as yet unidentified specimen.  There is much artistic merit in the engraving which is boldly executed and nicely balanced.  Around the base of the neck is a tighltly engraved band of fruiting vine with tendrils - clearly indicating the purpose of the decanter.  Parts of the engraving, the grapes, for example, are polished, giving a pleasing contrast to the matt-finish of much of the rest.

The decanter is in excellent condition, without any cracks or chips.  The stopper is contemporary, but probably not the original.  It has multiple small air bubbles in its ball finial.

We feel this is one of the best decanters we have handled in recent years, and its coming from a fine collection is not surprising, as the collection was formed by one of the country's leading glass experts.

If you feel you can positively identify the third flower, we would be very happy to hear from you.


Date: c.1730

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