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4115-4123 A Magnificent SET OF FOUR Cut and Engraved Shaft & Globe Decanters

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Sets of 4 decanters of any age are  becomming very scarce, and this is as magnificent a set as one is likely to see in a long time - a big boast, but an accurate one.  Let me tell you the story:-

I often look at the websites of my colleagues and competitors as any keen businessman should.  Last week I saw a pair of fanciable decanters on the website of a friend, and committed them to memory as they were an excellent model.  Then last weekend I saw another pair for sale which, from my memory, were the same, so I bought them.  When I returned home, I compared mine with the ones I had seen a few days earlier, and we have now brought them together.  They are a SET OF FOUR!  There are very minor differences in the dimensions of the stoppers, but that sort of variation is usual in sets which have never been parted.

This set - for that is what they are - are the shaft & globe variety with hobnail-cut bodies beneath a band of prettily wheel-engraved fruiting vines.  The necks are cut with lozenge facets (some call them 'hollow diamonds') below everted rims.  The tall cylindrical stoppers are similarly cut.

These decanters look quite stunning on a table as they are brilliantly cut to refract light.

Date: c.1860

Dimensions: 12.5 - 12.7", 32 - 32.4 cm. high Incl. stoppers

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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