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4122 An Unusual Coopered Brass-Bound Mahogany Coaster/Cooler

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This is a one-off!  As you may see, it is a small mahogany brass-bound cylinder of coopered construction.  It has two lug handles and is now fitted with a removeable copper liner.

The liner was definitely made post-1850, but the mahogany looks to be earlier - say c.1820.  however in an attempt to be cautious, I have dated it to c.1860, although it was sold to me as 'George III'.

It could be that it was made in the final hours of George III's reign, and as it is probably Irish - it came from there, it all begins to make sense!  Whatever the country of origin and its date, it is a most unusual piece which would cool the lower half of a bottle, or without the liner, would accommodate the lower 3", (7.5 cm) of a decanter!

Date: c.1860

Dimensions: 5", 12.7 cm. diameter

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