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4125 A Pair of Initial Wine Labels for H & P

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This is a pair of wine labels with several differences from the run-of-the-mill lables I usually see.  First they have no hallmarks or maker's marks  - there is barely the space to strike them.  Second, They are more beautifully made than any 'initial' wine labels I have seen previously.  Third, they are arguably the most aesthetically attractive wine lables I have seen for a very long time!

It is very probable that they were made by the Glasgow silversmith, Peter Aitken as others of apparently identical design are known (and illustrated in 'Wine Labels' pls. 846, 848 and 850), and which bear his mark and the date letter for 1827.  He was working between 1808 and 1836, and these date from c.1825 - 30.

The labels are finely cast and chased, and are unusual in having a single suspension loop -almost all labels have two.

While 'P' is almost certainly for 'Port', and 'H' for 'Hollands' (gin), the latter may be for Hock.  However, initial lables were usually for spirits as strong liquor was not considered 'gentlemanly', and the initials obsured what was really in the decanter.

These labels are available individually at £120 each

Date: c.1825

Dimensions: 1.3", 3.5 cm high

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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