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5001 A Cruciform Decanter

View of the decanter base

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Cruciform decanters are among the earliest that can be seen on the market, although the universally accepted moniker -'cruciform' can be a little misleading.  Some decanters of this type are indeed of cross-shaped plan, but others, like this, are a variation on that theme.

The decanter is in very good condition generally, although there is a small acrylic 'filling' to the lip which is difficult to see.  The decanter is clear, and like many of its type, has an annulated string ring.

It is generally accepted that cruciform decanters did not have stoppers (so are technically carafes, not decanters), but this one arrived with a stopper which may well be contemporary with ti .  Indeed it may have originally been fitted with this stopper.  It is illustrated in the third image.

Date: c.1720 - 40

Dimensions: 10.2", 26 cm high

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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