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5004 A Very Rare Wine Cooler for a Single Bottle

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Every now and again one sees something the like of which is unrecorded; this is one of those occasions!  It looks as if it is trying to be a single-bottle wine cooler.  Probably it is - that is if it is not a tea caddy!

The top is decagonal, each of the ten sides being veneered in fine flame-figured mahogany, and the inside being metal (zinc?) lined - which has degraded (but original).  It rests on an inverted lotus-leaf calyx, above a turned section and a further cusped section.  The base is a shaped square platform, each side being of serpentine outline, and it all rests on 4 small spinning-top feet.  The parts are joined by a large wooden screw running up the middle.

The internal depth of the top is only 2.75" (7 cm), but the metal lining certainly suggests it was intended to be waterproof.  It is also the diameter to hold a bottle.  If you think it is something other than a wine cooler, please do let us know.

Date: c.1830- -40.

Dimensions: 8.7", 22 cm. high

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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