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5009 A Rare Glass WIne Funnel

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While silver wine funnels are often seen, examples in glass are really quite rare.  Glass funnels are also often seen - but the distinction between a funnel used for any other purpose, and a wine funnel is that the latter has a curved, or cranked spout to deflect the wine down the side wall of a decanter.  Most glass funnels have straight spouts and were probably for general culinary use.

Like most glass wine funnels, this one dates from the mid-18th century - say c.1760, and dating can be securely assessed from the similarity of the bowl shape to that of a wine glass of a similar date.  It also happens to coincide with the earliest of silver wine funnels, which begs the question "were glass funnels made first and superseded by silver ones?"

Another aspect of glass wine funnels which may make them pre-date silver models, is that they do not have filters.   This begs two other questions - "have all filters for glass funnels been lost?" or "were coarse filters first introduced when silver ones made their debut?"

This funnel is in excellent clear condition, with minor fritting arount the spout.

Date: c.1750- 60

Dimensions: 6.4", 16.3 cm. long

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