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5016 An 'Indian Club' Panel-Cut Decanter

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This is a really sensible decanter at a seriously reasonable price!

The decanter has cut decoration of broad vertical panels along its entire height, and it has a single neck ring similarly cut.   The stopper is a heavy, but hollow, inverted pear shape cut to match the body, and like the body, it is numbered ('10') in fine diamond point engaving.  The underside of the decanter has a large ground and polished pontil from which radiate 'V' grooves.

Although there are very minor chips and abrasions on the body, that is to be expected of an antique decanter with sharp edges (where the panels meet), and the lower edge of the stopper is chipped, although it can barely be seen when in the decanter, and very little length has been lost.  However, the overall condition is very good, and it is devoid of any cloudiness.

As a practical decanter for frequent use, this is to be recommended, as the neck ring gives an excellent grip, and it pours well - without gurgling.  It is also very satisfying to the eye.  The reason for its very modest price is that it is not a model favoured by 'collectors' of glass - which is the the advantage of those who want a decanter to use rather then admire on a shelf!

Date: c.1825 - 35

Dimensions: 13", 33 cm high incl. stopper.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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