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5019 A Fine Pair of Papier Mache Coasters

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Papier mâché coasters became very popular in the two decades either side of 1800.  Because of their light weight and none-too-robust construction, they are often, indeed usually in poor condition.  This pair are in good - very good condition.

They are lacquered black, and the outside decoration is formed of a pattern of stylised flowerheads in 2-colour gilding against a background of vermiculé decoration, also gilded.  The decoration is framed within a pair of gilt lines, above and below.  The inner surface is plain black, the bases with a degree of crackelure, but still glossy black.

Currently, the coasters do not have baize glued to the undersides, but this can be done if required.

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 5.2", 13 cm. diameter

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