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5020 A Fine and Very Rare Pair of Decanters with Tasting Stoppers

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This is a fine and very rare pair of decanters.  Apart from being an excellent pair of 'Nelson' decanters, their rare feature is their stoppers which have hollowed 'pegs'.  This is so that a small amount of wine can be poured into the inverted stopper to taste before serving.

The decanters have broad cylindrical bodies finely and profusely cut with bands of fine fluting, panels of diamond cutting and with star-cut bases.  The broad necks are panel-cut with incise-cut double neck rings.

The star-cut mushroom stoppers, which have been restored to their original specification have basal flanges and the 'pegs' - the parts that insert into the neck of the decanters. are hollow to take a small draught of wine.

Tasting stoppers appear never to have been made in abundance as very few survive.  You may notice that the necks of the decanters are quite wide in order to take the stoppers, which themselves are considerably wider than usual.  Another feature of tasting stoppers is that they have a flange which is the same diameter as the top of the decanter neck - something not seen with simple stoppers.


Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 9.8", 24.9 cm high incl. stoppers

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