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5028 A Plain Small Claret Jug

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This is a claret jug which  simply delights with its simplicity.  It will just hold a full bottle, so is very 'fit for purpose'.

The body is in the form of a squat sphere from which the cylindrical neck rises.  It has a single neck ring, a diminutive spout, and a loop handle, drawn from the neck to the body, suggesting a pre-1870 date.  It is fitted with a hollow ball stoppper which, like the body is lightly engraved '19' proving that the body and stopper always were together and have not been 'married' at a later date.

It is fortunate for those whose interests are wine and drinking, as this is not a model keenly sought by collectors.  As a result it represents remarkably good value.

Date: c.1850 - 70

Dimensions: 8.5", 22.1 cm high incl. stopper

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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