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5029 A Very Fine MAGNUM Claret Jug

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This is a very fine magnum claret jug of exceptional quality.   Two 75 cl. bottles of wine can be easily contained with the meniscus coming just above the central band of engraving.

The shaft & globe body has a central horizontal band of fine small circular polished printies within a matted ground and within a pair of lines (see lower image).   Above this band is engraved a broad band of matt anthemions within heart-shaped borders, while below are smaller inverted versions and flowerheads.  This is repeated on a smaller scale midway up the neck, and again, even smaller on the hollow ball stopper.   The jug has a plain loop handle and star-cut base - a feature repeated in miniature on the top of the stopper.

The handle gives a clue to its dating as it is an early example of a 'dab' handle - one in which the glass was first fixed to the body, then drawn to the top.  This was first done in 1867; before that date handles were fixed to the top or rim, and then drawn down to the body.

The quality of the making and engraving of this large claret jug is exquisite and done with great accuracy.  It is in excellent condition without any damage.

Date: c.1870

Dimensions: 12", 30.5 cm high incl. stopper

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