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5043 An Unusual Blue Shaft & Globe Decanter

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As a clear decanter, this might not be very unusual, but in the rich 'Bristol blue' shade, it is distinctly rare.  It follows the usual shaft-and-globe form and is devoid of decoration except for the neck being panel- or slice-cut.  The stopper is a ball resting on a panel-cut waisted section, while the top is star cut.  The stopper appears to be hollow but the colour is sufficiently rich to me observation of this difficult.

While shaft & globe decanters are quite common and do not attract attention, this is the exception.  Being a rich shade of blue it is most striking in its appearance.

Coloured decanters like this are perfect for serving white wine, fortified wines, port or spirits, and they add a visual statement to a dining room.

Date: c.1850

Dimensions: 11.5", 29.2 cm. high incl. stopper.

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